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Cabin Fever Workshop in South African, Jubilee gospel and Georgian music

Cabin Fever day long workshop on February 6 – 10am – 3pm at the Westminster West Church with guest teachers Larry Gordon teaching music from South Africa and from the Jubilee Gospel tradition and Carl Linich teaching music from the Republic of Georgia. $15  To register contact Mary Cay at mcbrass@vermontel.net

River Singers Winter /Spring Session

The River Singers winter/spring session begins March 1 and meets Tuesdays through May. Music from the Balkans, South Africa, Rwanda, Georgia and a special focus this session on music from the southern Appalachians with guest musicians Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes (http://emmyandjesse.com) joining us for special workshops and concert on May 28 at the White Church in Grafton, Vermont. To register contact mcbrass@vermontel.net  $110 for the spring semester.

Village Harmony Bosnia Camp!

July 19-August 2, 2016 in conjunction with the Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most, Bosnia. This year’s Bosnia camp is a rare and exciting opportunity to participate in the inner workings of a non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering dialogue, non-violent communication, and intercultural cooperation through varied and creative ways. And we will have a special opportunity to observe the role of music, singing and community choirs as a direct means of fostering those goals.

This camp had two spaces open up on January 18, to register see   http://northernharmony.pair.com/camps/bosnia-camp/

Greenfield Harmony Spring Session!

Greenfield Harmony’s spring session begins Monday, February 29, 6:45pm -8:15 pm at St. James Episcopal Church parish hall. Songs from the Balkans, South Africa, Georgia, the British Isles, shape note, gospel and with a special focus this session on music from the rural south with guest West Virginia musicians Emmy Miller and Jessie Milnes joining us for workshops and joint concert on May 29 at Wesley Methodist Church in Hadley. $110. To sign up contact Mary Cay at mcbrass@vermontel.net
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